Root (Muladhara)

​  Location: Base of your spine, coccyx

 Purpose: Survival "Fight or Flight", security in living and personal health

 Issues: Lower back pain, sciatica, poor circulation, anemia, depression 

 Exercises: Exercise, sleep, being outdoors, brown & red gems, sandalwood essential oils

Third Eye (Ajna)

  Location: On the forehead, in between your eyes

 Purpose: Self-realization, intuition, positivity

 Issues: Insomnia, learning disabilities, flu, infections, neck problems, hormonal issues

 Exercises: Meditation, healthy nutrition, Indigo gems, frankincense essential oils 

Throat (Vishudda)

​  Location: Around the throat 

 Purpose: Communication, being able to speak your truth, self expression, trust & loyalty

 Issues: Fever, cold & flu, swollen glands, shoulder pain, thyroid issues, hormonal issues

 Exercises: Creative expression: painting & singing, blue clothing, geranium essential oils 

Heart (Anahata)

​ Location: Heart area - center of the chest

 Purpose: Love, compassion, relationships, forgiveness

 Issues: Immune system disorders, heart problems, high blood pressure, breast cancer

 Exercises: Being with loved ones, time in nature, green gems, eucalyptus essential oils 

Solar Plexus (Manipura)

​  Location: Below your rib cage & above naval

 Purpose: Sense of ones self, confidence, self control, balance 

 Issues: Anxiety, worry, ulcers, diabetes, general digestion issues

 Exercises: Be with positive people, healthy eating, wear yellow, rosemary essential oils 

Sacrum (Swadhisthana)

​ Location: Lower abdomen

 Purpose: Relationships: social and intimate, core feelings 

 Issues: Infertility, urinary tract & yeast, eating disorders, alcoholism, depression

 Exercises: Exercise, massage, hugging, healthy sex, orange gems, orange essential oils


What are Chakras?

Chakras are described as points within the body where energy flows. There are 7 major and several minor of these points that can often get blocked causing energy flow to slow or even stop.  When blockages occur, physical, mental and spiritual issues often result. Our services clear and re-balance your chakras for a healthier and happier you. 

Below is an explanation of each 7 major chakras and how they relate to you and your body.

Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

​  Location: Top of your head

 Purpose: Knowing, consciousnes of all things in the universe, spirituality

 Issues: Headaches, mental Illness, disorders of the  brain

 Exercises: Meditation, automatic writing, violet gems, jasmine or lavendar essential oils

Healing Mind, Body & Soul